is a liposomal form of iron recommended for iron deficiency and the increased need for this mineral during pregnancy and lactation, as well as for conditions that may cause iron deficiency anemia or other iron deficiency diseases.

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FORTIFERRUM®+ is a latest generation liposomal iron with a unique formula designed to meet daily iron requirements
During childhood, adolescence and pregnancy, physiological needs for iron increase.
In some types of disorders, such as atrophic gastritis, gastric acidity is reduced and absorption of nonheme iron is reduced.
Are the most common cause of iron deficiency in adults
Role of FORTIFERRUM® in the human body:
  • Contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin
  • Contributes to normal oxygen transport in the body

  • Contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system
  • Promotes normal energy metabolism and iron absorption
  • Contributes to normal cognitive function
  • Helps to reduce fatigue
Available in an innovative powder form that can be taken without water.
  • Easily assimilable source of liposomal III valence iron pyrophosphate
  • Does not cause a "metallic" taste, constipation, dark discoloration of teeth, does not irritate the stomach
  • Recommended for children from age 1, pregnant and lactating women and adults
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